We at Exportainer would like to assist in making your move as smooth and hassle free as possible.  With that in mind, here is a list of the requirements for your move.  Please contact us should you have any doubts.  We are here to help you.

For returning citizens and foreign citizens with permanent residency:

The shipment must arrive in Argentina within 6 months of date of shipper’s arrival in Argentina to reside. – Upon arrival, shipper must declare at customs that they are expecting a shipment of unaccompanied luggage. This is entered into shippers passport and serves to establish shippers entry into argentina in order to reside.

Foreign citizens with a temporary visa:

These may bring into the country one or more shipments (while they have a temporary visa) of personal belongings and used household goods under temporary admission according to the present guaranty system : The belongings must be guaranteed to the local customs authorities for the duration of the visa by means of a security policy, local bonds, moneys, etc.. The guaranty may be renewed for the same extension as the visa. – If at the expiry date of the guaranty the temporary visa has not been renewed or goods re-exported, customs can decree that goods must be nationalized, paying taxes and penalties on them. -When permanent visa is acquired, the effects must be nationalized (tax free).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipper must have a visa to reside in Argentina that is valid for at least one year, not a tourist visa.

Required documentation:

  • Photocopy of all the pages of the passport/s (including blank pages) certified by a public notary and legalized by the “Colegio de Escribanos” proving that the shipper has resided outside of Argentina for the last 12 months.
  • Certificate of Residence issued by the Argentine Consulate in the country that the shipper is moving from (only for Argentine citizens or aliens with a Permanent Residence Visa).
  • Detailed inventory of the effects.
  • Power of attorney for our company, certified by Public Notary and legalized by the “Colegio de Escribanos”.
  • Certificate of the new address in Argentina.
  • Copy of the DNI and CUIL certificate (only for argentine residents).
  • Certificate of migratory movements for the last two years (“Certificado de movimientos migratorios”).